The History

With the Thema Lancia resumed the tradition of the large travel sedans, with which the enterprise in the post-war period had broken after the Aurelia and Flaminia. The 1982 presented Thema as a vehicle of the upper middle class one positioned; a segment, in which the Italian manufacturers had to offer up to then little.
With the Thema also a co-operation between different manufacturers began:The chassis is identical to the Saab 9000 and the Fiat Chroma.
That Thema should take up it with labels such as BMW, Mercedes and Volvo. No easy venture! The Lancia flagship is however superior from the concept: Front wheel drive, crosswise inserted engine, independent suspension all around. The body Designcreated by Giorgetto Giugiaro is classical; the air resistance factor amounts to 0.32 Cw
In September 1984 the topic model pallet had completed by the 8,32, for the Ferrari substantial work out had carried. At first sight a co-operation between Ferrari and Lancia may appear unusual, since the production of both manufacturers differs fundamentally from each other.
That Thema 8,32 (8 Zylinder/32 of valves) was however no sports car in the actual sense. One did not regard the sportyness from the outside to it. It differed from the other Thema's only by
the radiator, the rims in the Ferrari Design, a narrow DEK east tire and by a tail spoiler locking justified with the trunk flap.
That could be driven out by rotary button electrically to let drive out (first tries the spoiler rate-dependently in here and, but at a certain rate the tail spoiler played moved).Also that was planned Thema with all-wheel drive, but was not carried out unfortunately That Thema 8,32 became by its 8-zylinder v engine with a cylinder angle from 90 degrees to an incomparable automobile.
This engine was taken over by the Ferrari 308 and Mondial, in which it is likewise crosswise built, and equipped with four-valve technique. This engine is blocked today into the Ferrari 348 and the Mondial T.
The V8 lancia by Ferrari with 4 valves per cylinder and a capacity of 2927 ccm carried 215 HP with 6750/min.1988 for that out Thema newest type of status was adapted.The 8,32 2.Serie received a catalyst and had thus 205 HP and the turn signals moved under he headlights.

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